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Our Team Offshore office in Manila is modern, streamlined and efficient. We utilise extremely high speed internet for data and communications. Offering a unique and adaptable boutique service, we have an unparalleled commitment to recruiting the right people for you and strive for a totally harmonious team fit. Our goal, to make your business more prosperous.



what is offshoring

Offshoring is a term used for engaging services from dedicated staff overseas. It is a cost effective and simple solution that allows you to scale your organisation quickly and easily. Offshoring provides exceptional staffing and cost saving solutions. Utilising the Philippines allows us to deliver qualified staff of the highest standards.


what we do differently

1. Team Offshore are committed to building a professional and culturally strong environment. 

The professional and personal development and well being of our staff is essential to us.


2. Team Offshore are focused on retaining staff


3. Team Offshore Invest in training and staff development, to ensure your Team Offshore become more valuable to you.


4. Facilitating the growth of our staff’s skill-set is paramount.


5. We want to bring the best of Australian working conditions to our Philippines company.


6. We see your Team Offshore as an extension of your Australian company.


7. Our Legaspi village office is in the central business district, Makati.


8. We are in a safe, growing area, undergoing significant gentrification.


9. This area and environment attract the best people.


10. When clients visit their Team Offshore, they stay nearby in world class hotels and walking distance from the office. Once you arrive from the airport, there really is no need to be in traffic during your visit.


11. We allocate separate areas for your Team Offshore for privacy and security.


12. Our space is conducive to open team communicating and collaboration.


13. There are Minimal penalties if a client withdraws from Team Offshore.

your team offshore benefits

  • Cost effective alternative to locally based staff.

  • Scale your business up and down quickly, easily and as required.

  • No HR and administration concerns.

  • Simple, once a month payment.

  • Reduce internal overheads – higher profit margins.

  • Premium office fit out. 

  • Open plan environment 

  • Time in lieu or paid overtime. 

  • Training and development culture 

  • Great Christmas parties 

  • Respect amongst our staff. 

  • Leisure activities with the team throughout the year. 

  • State of the art equipment. 

  • Shift work variations 

  • Traffic avoidance 

  • Highest speed internet. 

  • Directors are always hands on. 

  • Transparent fixed costs. 

  • Your contract is with an Australian company.