Team Offshore FAQ's:

What is the difference between Hiring a VA, Virtual Employee, Outsourcing and Offshoring to the Philippines?

Let's break down what each one means;


Virtual Assistant:

A virtual assistant is typically self-employed and provides administrative assistance to clients who are remotely based. 


Virtual Employee:

A virtual employee is not a virtual assistant.  Virtual Employees, become integrated and vital members of your employment team and traditionally work offshore within a cheaper labour market.


Virtual Employees perform many tasks and can include the role of a virtual assistant, architectural services, web development, engineering, quantity surveyors, data entry and executive assistants.



Outsourcing is an agreement in which one company contracts its own activity to a different company.  It involves the contracting out of a business process or operation, and/or non-core functions to another party. 


The task itself it outsourced, whereby many individuals may complete the task.



The moving of various operations of a company or role to another country, traditionally for reasons such as lower labour costs.


What makes Team Offshore different?

Team Offshore provides premier offshore resource services to businesses who are seeking operational efficiencies to increase both Revenue and Profitability whilst creating operational efficiencies.

Business should focus their high dollar per hour local resources toward the coal face of your business e,g Management, Sales, Marketing etc.


Team Offshore is an employment agency who specialises in sourcing the right resources and provides an enjoyable and safe office environment for your remote staff to work in.


Once you hire a “Team Offshore” staff member they should not be considered part of your virtual team, rather an integral part of your vital team.  One of the greatest benefits to you is they work for you at a fraction of your local salary costs.


Why are you in Makati, isn’t the cost to operate your business highest there?

Our fees are competitive but, yes the costs are higher in Makati. Team Offshore have chosen to be in the CBD for three main reasons.


1. People want to work there which means we attract the best staff.

2. Safety and accessibility for our visiting clients.

3. It’s an easier method to create an environment and culture which mirrors the culture of our clients head offices overseas.

When I Offshore will I have dedicated staff?

Yes, you will have a dedicated person who works exclusively for you.


Who will my staff work for?

The person will be employed by Team Offshore and will be directed in their daily duties by you. Your staff work for you but Team Offshore employs them.


Where will my staff be located?

They will be located in our Manila office. Team Offshore will provide all staff amenities including; airconditioned office, desk, kitchen, coffee, tea, water, internet, payroll and HR.


What about their equipment?

Team Offshore will arrange to purchase any required equipment on your behalf. You will be provided with full pricing for your approval before we purchase. You will own all equipment you pay for and we guarantee it’s security within our office. 

Team Offshore provides a user-pays, shared A3 laser printer. 


How do I communicate with my staff?

Team Offshore provide your staff with a VOIP internet phone and we recommend Skype video and messages. Also, you can use Team Viewer to access your staff’s computer.


How do I share files with my staff?

There are many cloud-based file sharing services. Team Offshore typically uses Dropbox.


Who will manage my staff around the office?

Team Offshore have an Office Manager to ensure your staff are working as instructed, arrive and leave work on time, keep you informed of leave requests, personal issues etc. Importantly your resource is there to complete your allocated tasks. Team Offshore is there to manage all the HR issues.


Can I visit the Manila office?

Of course, you are most welcome and we encourage you to get to know your staff personally. In fact, you should consider your virtual employee as an extension of your team, visiting them will help to impart your business culture.


Where is your office located?

Our office is located in Makati City, the CBD of greater Manila. Makati is safest and most cosmopolitan part of Manila. Our office is 10 mins walk from a range of 3-5 star hotels and large shopping/restaurant precincts. 


How do we get started?

That’s very easy, just follow our four easy steps. We identify potential candidate/s, together we recruit the best candidate/s, we prepare everything for their start date, we induct them into our office ready for work


What do I need to commit to?

You commit to meeting the new employees first three month’s salary cost, plus any equipment required (computer, software etc) as well as the first three months of our management fee. After the first three months, your commitment moves to a monthly salary and management fees. Of course, if you wish to cease using our services we need to give the staff reasonable notice, usually one month.


Where can I find full details of all terms and conditions, including costs?

You can read our Client Contract which is a very simple, non-legal jargon document.


What email address should my staff use?

You should set up your staff with your business's email address e.g.


Will my business information be kept confidential?

Yes, our client and staff contract deals with the confidentially and rights of your information and intellectual property.


What about sick leave, annual leave and public holidays?

Yes to all of the above, your staff are employed under Philippine law and are entitled to similar leave benefits as your local employees. You can align that leave to suit your business. For example, if Christmas is your quiet time and your local office closes, you will arrange for your Manila staff to also take their annual leave then, similarly, you can have them take Australian public holidays.


What do I do if my staff are not performing?

Communicate your concerns with our Office Manager, we will then work with that staff member to either improve their performance or terminate their employment and begin the process of recruitment to replace.


What hours will my staff work?

You can set the hours that suit your business working hours. For example, if you are based in Melbourne, Australia (3 hours’ time difference in summer) and your office starts at 9 am. You would probably have your virtual employee/s start work at 6 am and finish at 3 pm.

There is also an option for shift work, maybe 3 pm to 12 pm. We provide a 24-hour secure office to enable shift work which allows you to reduce infrastructure costs and avoid peak traffic times for your staff.


What would a normal day look like?

You may set a rule that your staff are logged into Skype by 9 am ready to discuss the day’s work. Or you may set up a daily phone call.

You can then monitor your staff throughout the day using Skype, email, text, calling. It’s up to you.

If you ever have any issues, our Office Manager is in the office to assist you.

If you are based in Melbourne, it’s the same time difference as Perth, Australia


What about afternoon and night shifts?

Yes. Our office is open 24/7 with full security onsite. Access to the office is by a biometric fingerprint reader.


How are my staff’s working hours recorded?

The office has biometric scanners for entry and exit which link to our payroll system.


Who sets my staff’s salary and bonus?

You do. You should always keep us informed as the staff’s employers so we that we process everything through our payroll system.